Who do you think you are?

I’ve got something to tell you. Your life matters to God. In fact one of the greatest names He calls us is His children. He loves you and has destined you to do great things. The 10 Win Commandments will show you how.

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Derrick Gray is a Christian Minister, business owner, filmmaker and author. A Long Island native and purveyor of all things hip-hop, he knows God’s not through with us yet.

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Commandment 8 – “It’s Neither Too Soon nor Too Late to Start” 

Society tends to blame many of the sins in the present on its younger generation. Truth is, most misdeeds of the youth have been learned from and passed down by the older folk.

Our youth did not create drugs, raise tobacco, invent the television, brew the alcohol, make the movies, inelegant dance gyrations, or music. It’s irresponsible to fully blame them for the materialism or lack of conformity that’s present.

I’m willing to bet that in your life, there are people who’ve influenced you in a meaningful way that the masses will never know. The truth of the matter is fame will always fade away, but influence never dims. The most effective way of influencing the world around you is by being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Derrick Gray @ 10 Win Commandments

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